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St. Francis' Catholic Primary School

"For it is in giving that we receive." St. Francis of Assisi

Our Clubs


Many of you are keen to know what activity clubs will be offered in the Autumn term. Normally these clubs start in the third week of term at the start of the academic year. This year, to follow current Government guidelines in relation to COVID-19, we may need to push that date back further. This could mean that there are no clubs during the first half of the Autumn term. The reason for this is that we will not be able to mix year-groups in the same way we have before. For example, if a child did a different after-school activity every day, they could potentially be in their class bubble as well as a bubble for each club (totalling 6 bubbles across their school week). We need to ensure that within the school setting, the number of children mixing is limited.

We know that children benefit from a range of activities and we would like to offer them where possible. However, we must follow the latest advice from the Government and keeping everyone as safe as possible has to be our priority. Therefore, nothing further regarding activity clubs will be confirmed until September. It may be that clubs are offered to particular year groups, or that the number of different school clubs children can attend will be limited to minimise mixing. Alternatively, it is possible that no activity clubs are offered initially. A decision will be made in September, when we are aware of what developments the next two months bring.

We can confirm that our new wrap-around care service, Treetops, will be launching in September. We will set up enough groups so that children can be in a bubble during the school day (mainly their class and possibly their year group) and another before and after-school. In this way mixing will be limited and so children of different ages will not be able to mix in the same way they have previously. There will be the option to book children until 4.30pm for a cost of £5.50 per child. The cost of a full session until 6.15pm will be £12.50 per child. The booking for this will be via Tucasi and further details will be sent to all parents this week regarding this.







  • Please check timetable and the corresponding letter for internal clubs.
  • Please check the finish dates on all clubs as some start and finish before others.
  • Please do not book and then swap with other parents. Please contact the office. 
  • Most of the internal clubs have limited spaces. If you cannot book a club online it means it is full.
  • Please book and deal directly with external clubs providers.
  • Please make sure that you are prompt in picking your child up. Persistent lateness could result in your child losing their place in the club.
  • If you have children who are in two different clubs on the same day, please make sure that  you pick up from the earlier club on time.  A sibling from an earlier finishing club cannot go and wait in the later finishing club.

PLEASE NOTE; The School Leadership Team and the Governing Body regularly review Clubs and Lettings.  Whilst the School endeavours to keep Clubs settled, lettings are always subject to change on a termly basis, and alterations are made from time to time for various reasons.