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St. Francis' Catholic Primary School

"For it is in giving that we receive." St. Francis of Assisi

Festivals Fun

Autumn 2 2019

This term we have been looking at winter festivals. The first festival we looked at was Bonfire night.

We made lots of different firework pictures with different materials.
We used lots of shiny paper, glitter and sparkly thread to make our glittering fireworks.
We made firework rockets with building bricks.
They were very elaborate and colourful.
We got lots of colourful pipe cleaners ...
and threaded them through colanders ...
to make 3D fireworks.
At Forest School we made our own bonfires. 
We were put into groups and had a competition to see which group could make the best bonfire.
The parents helped us but they were more competitive than we were!!!
We also learnt about remembrance day, we learnt that the poppy helps us to think about all the people who have died to keep us safe.
We then moved on to learn about the Hindu festival Diwali. Here we are colouring in a Rangoli pattern following a colour by number key.
We also made rangoli patterns using coloured rice.
We concentrated well as it needed a steady hand and patience.
We then decided to make some patterns on the ground, we worked well as a team and were all able to name the shapes that we had used.
We also worked together to make some Diwali cocont sweets.
We had to mix the ingredients in a bowl, first with a spoon and then with our hands to make a dough.
We then had to roll it out so we could cut it into squares. They were very tasty.
We had fun using clay to make a diva lamp.
First we had to roll the clay into a ball.
Next, we had to push our thumb into the middle to make a hole.
Finally, we used a tea light and pressed it into the clay. We left it to dry and then painted it.
The last festival we looked at was of course Christmas. Here we are using tweezers to pick up pom poms to be baubles on the Christmas tree.
We also practised wrapping up pretend presents.
We worked with a partner to fold the paper, cut out the sellotape and stick it down. It was not as easy as it looked!
We used the Numicon to make Christmas pictures. We were able to say which numbers we had used.
We were very good at making paper chains which we have hung up in our classroom.
The cooks made us a delicious Christmas lunch.
It was great fun, we also got to listen to and sing along to Christmas songs.

Not only have we been learning about festivals but in RE we learnt about the Sacrament of Baptism.

We role played the sacrament, one of us was the priest, the mum, the dad and the two godparents.
The priest poured water over the baby's head and said 'I baptise you in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.
The two God parents held the baptismal candle.
The mum and the dad wrapped the baby in a white shawl.

We also carried on with our maths and literacy lessons.

Here we had to sort pictures into those beginning with r, h or b.
Some of us used the magnetic letters to spell three letter words.
Some of us have learnt all of our sounds and now are beginning to write sentences.
We have all learnt to count up to 10.
Here we are making the number 9 in lots of different ways.
We have had lots of fun this term, we even have our own boy band, they are very good!