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St. Francis' Catholic Primary School

"For it is in giving that we receive." St. Francis of Assisi

Our First Half Term in Cherry Class

October 2019

We have all settled very well into our new school and have been exploring our environment.

Inside our class we have...

dressed up and ...
pretended to be super heroes!

We have ...

built models with our friends and ...
built models on our own.
We have also built with our teacher, who built the highest tower?
We have used I pads to help us with our learning.
We have developed our fine motor skills by making patterns using pegs.
We have practised our counting skills by ...
counting pictures on a card and putting a peg on the correct number.
We also used tweezers to put the correct number of buttons on each number card.
We have also been practising writing our numbers and finding the correct number of objects.
We have also been learning our sounds. Here we were working together to find all the pictures beginning with the 's' sound.
Now that we have learnt some sounds we are beginning to read and spell some words.
We also have enjoyed dancing and singing with each other.
We are trying to follow the actions on the interactive white board to learn the dance steps.
In class we have also been doing lots of arts and craft activities, here we made our own Rainbow Fish.
Here we made our own insects when we were learning about the 'i' sound.
In this activity we were learning about squares and rectangles, we cut out the shapes all by ourselves to make these robots. Miss Nash was very impressed with our cutting skills.
In class, we have also been learning about our world.
In this activity we had to sort the animals into those that live in the sea and those that live on land. We worked really well together to solve this problem.
We have also loved role playing, here we used masks to retell the story of the Rainbow Fish.
We have also been exploring our outside environment. Here we are excavating the sand tray with lots of diggers.
In the water tray we were filling up lots of different containers.
We have loved the see saw...
and playing in the outdoor kitchen, as well as ...
playing in the outdoor play house with our friends.
We loved singing ten little speckled frogs outside as we made the frogs jump in our outdoor small world tray.
We also enjoyed mark making in the tray full of glitter and rice.
Miss Nash buried some numbers in the sand tray, we had lots of fun finding them and putting them in the correct order.
We also had fun painting the letters that we had learnt outside, our letter formation is getting very good.
We have also been exploring natural materials, we have used magnifying glasses to look closely at objects and felt the texture of them carefully, as some were very spiky. Some of us used the natural materials to make our own pictures and models.
This term we have also really enjoyed Forest School. We have lots of space to explore, get some fresh air, exercise and learn about our world.
Here we found a beetle in the grass, an adult helped us to pick it up. We were very gentle with it as we got a closer look at it. We loved holding it in our hands.
We have played lots of games in the wood, our favourite one at the moment is hide and seek.

We have had a great first half term at St Francis, we have made friends, settled and we are doing very well with our learning. Well done Cherry Class!