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St. Francis' Catholic Primary School

"For it is in giving that we receive." St. Francis of Assisi

Our last few weeks in Cherry Class.

We have had a very busy half term.

We have been learning about Space. We started our topic by reading the story 'Aliens Love Underpants'.
We painted pictures together of aliens.
This picture has a washing line with underpants on. Can you see the aliens?
They were very bright paintings and we worked well together to paint these huge pictures.
We had our last Forest School session. It was a glorious day.
We had great fun blowing and chasing bubbles.
We used chalk to colour in the trees.
We coloured in the trees lots of rainbow colours.
We also completed some drawings of Forest School. We have had great fun but it would not have happened without all the lovely parents who came to help us, so thank you all very much.
We also have had a maths outside day. In this activity, we are investigating which container has the biggest capacity.
We had to work out how to measure how much water was in each container. This group decided to use a cup and count how many cups of water each container could hold.
In this group we rolled a toy car down a ramp and then measured the distance that it travelled with cubes. We had to count to very big numbers.
On the playground we had to draw a big alien and a little alien with chalk.
I have drawn my family and an alien. My alien only has one eye, can you tell which one is the alien?
In this activity we had to draw around our shoe and then had to measure how long it was with counters. We had a great time learning outside.
Then we had Sports Day.
Our first activity was racing.
Our parents came to watch us race each other.
We all cheered each other on.
We then had a sack race, we were rather good at this.
Next, we played a throwing game.
We had to throw a beanbag into a hoop, if we got it into the hoop we collected a cone. The team with the most cones won.
After this, we completed the water race.
We had to pass a sponge filled with water over our heads.
We got a bit wet...
In fact we got very wet!
We loved this race. The winner was the team that managed to squeeze the most water into the bucket at the end.
Afterwards we had the welly throwing game.
We got points for how far we could through the boot.
Finally, we had to use a hockey stick to guide a ball around the cones.
We were very good at this race too.
The team that won were the ones who got all their team mates back the quickest.
We loved our sports day.
We then had an outdoor learning day. The whole school was learning outside.
We started off the day by doing lots of problem solving activities.
Here we had to pass a hoop around the circle without letting go of each others hands. We worked well together, listening to each others ideas and managed to achieve all of the tasks.
In another activity we worked with Mrs Linehan to create our own Jackson Pollock paintings.
These are what we produced, we had great fun doing this.
We then worked with the Year 5 teachers to draw our school field.
It was very relaxing and we were proud of our drawings.

We also built dens with the year 1 teachers and had a treasure hunt with the year 2 teachers. It was a great day.

We have had a wonderful time in Reception, we have learnt lots, had lots of fun and grown in height. We are now ready for the new challenges that await us in Year 1.

Miss Nash and Mr Stevens are very proud of you all and what you have achieved this year. We will miss you but know that you will be fantastic in Year 1. Have a wonderful holiday.