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St. Francis' Catholic Primary School

"For it is in giving that we receive." St. Francis of Assisi

Fantastic Fun on the Farm

21st May 2019

Cherry and Apple classes had an amazing day at Bockett's Farm. When we first arrived we got taken to a big barn.

We all sat down at tables and listened to Jade who was our Farm Leader.
We listened carefully as Jade told us about how to keep safe on a farm.
We had to answer questions about pictures that Jade showed us which taught us important things, for instance not putting our fingers in our mouths and to wash our hands with soap when we had touched an animal.
We then went off to a big barn to meet some of the animals.
First we met some very friendly goats.
The biggest goat was very friendly and very greedy!
In with the goats was an alpaca, he liked being fed too.
Next we met a very friendly donkey, he liked us to stroke him.
Then we got to feed some calves, some of us were nervous but when they ate from our hands they did not hurt.
The calves were very cheeky, they tried to steal the food from Jade's bucket!
Finally, in the big barn we saw a sow, a mummy pig, with her piglets, they were very cute.
After the barn, we walked into a small room. Jade went out and said that she was going to bring a friend in. We all guessed what it might be, none of us thought it would be a goat. She then showed us how to milk a goat.
We all thought that the milk would be cold, so we were very surprised when Jade walked around with the milk and we held the jug and it was warm!
Afterwards, we all got a chance to go and stroke the goat.
Then Jade brought round a beautiful chicken.
The chicken sat on her hand as she walked around.
We could stroke the chicken gently with one finger. She was very soft.
We also got to stroke some guinea pigs...
and a rabbit.
The rabbit was very friendly and wanted lots of cuddles.
Once we had washed our hands, we went outside to meet the racing pigs.
The pigs were funny but the pigsty was very smelly.
We then went for a walk around the fields, it was a beautiful sunny day.
First, we came across a field of Shetland Ponies.
They enjoyed being stroked and we enjoyed stroking them.
Next to the ponies was a field with alpacas, they did not like being stroked but they were very happy to eat food from our hands.
After we had washed our hands we went to have our lunch, we were very hungry! Then we went and lined up around the pig racing track. We waited patiently for the race to start, our pig was the purple one.
The pigs were very fast. Ours didn't win, the orange team won.
Next we went and sat in the shade and waited for our tractor ride.
We all got on the trailer behind the tractor and sat down sensibly.
The tractor took us all around the farm, we saw sheep and lambs...
as well as cows, ponies and even deer.
Finally, we got time to play in the indoor play area.
We did a lot of climbing...
but our favourite thing was the bumpy slide.
We climbed up and slid down over and over again, Miss Nash was tired just watching!!
We had a fantastic day at the farm but it was time to head back to school on the coach.
But for some of us the day had been fun but exhausting so we had a nap on the way home.

Thank you very much for the parents who came to help, you were a wonderful support. The children were amazing, very well behaved and a credit to you all.