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St. Francis' Catholic Primary School

"For it is in giving that we receive." St. Francis of Assisi

Dangerous Dinosaurs!

Spring Term 2 2019

This half term we have been learning all about dinosaurs. We started by reading the stories of Harry and his Bucketful of Dinosaurs and learning some of the names. We had Science Week as well and we did some experiments about dinosaurs.

We made a volcano, Mr Stevens put washing up liquid, vinegar, red food colouring and bicarbonate of soda into a volcano shaped coned, we sat and watched as the pretend lava bubbled from the top.
We loved the volcano experiment so much that we went outside and worked together to make a volcano in the soil tray.
Our next experiment was to make dinosaur fossils. We had to mix, soil, sand, used coffee grinds and water to make a dough. It was hard work.
We then pressed a toy dinosaur into the dough to make a print. Miss Nash then took them away to bake and when they came back they were hard and really looked like fossils.
We had great fun designing and making a large dinosaur from lots of boxes. We experimented first with which boxes would be good for the head, legs and body and then we drew our designs and labelled them.
The whole class got involved with painting the body...
The legs...
as well as the tail and neck.
We then had to work out how to stick all of the boxes together. We tried glue first and that didn't work, so we used lots and lots and lots of masking tape. We loved making our Cherryosaurus!
In maths we learnt about how to add and subtract using cubes.
We also spent a lot of time learning how to double numbers.
We counted the eggs and then drew the same number of eggs on the other side and added them together. We also used toy dinosaurs to help us.
In our free time some of us went away and practised the skills that we had learnt independently.
Some of us really enjoy going to the maths table and achieving all by ourselves.
We even measured some dinosaurs using cubes.
We had to find who had the biggest and smallest dinosaur by counting how many cubes long they were.
We also practised our number bonds to 10. We had to find the two halves of the egg that when they were put together made ten. We were very happy when we found a matching pair all by ourselves.
We also love working together to solve maths puzzles. Here we are counting pictures to 20 and putting a peg on the correct numeral. We work well as a team.
Look at all the maths we have done this term, haven't we been working hard!
We have also been working very hard on learning our phonics. In this activity we had to read the word and find the correct picture to match with it. We read the words really well and concentrated for a long time.
We have also enjoyed our writing corner where we go and write cards, letters and stories independently. We are all very excited now that we know our sounds and can form our letters to write and show what we can do.
We also have been learning about non fiction books and that we can find information from them. We had a go at writing some facts ourselves.
Look at our wonderful writing board, Cherry class have been very busy.
We have also had fun doing some Easter activities. Here we made an Easter paper chain together.
And here we are having a good sing and dance together, they sounded beautiful.

What a busy term we have had, full of fun and learning. What will the Summer Term bring?