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St. Francis' Catholic Primary School

"For it is in giving that we receive." St. Francis of Assisi

Our First Few Weeks in Cherry Class

28th September 2018

We have all settled well in Cherry class and are well on our way to learning classroom routines and the school rules. We have been having lots of fun at school.

In class we have been building lots of models from various construction kits. This beautiful house is made from magnets.
This house is made from Duplo. We have been concentrating well when building things.
We have also been getting to know each other through our play. Here we are sharing the train track.
And here we are role playing together with the cars.
We have also been creating patterns with the peg boards ...
and with the cubes.
We have also been learning to sing some rhymes and nursery songs together.
Also we have been dancing, Mrs Griffiths is doing a great job!
We are getting better at getting changed for PE.
We have been learning how to tell stories and also to read some words.
We have started to learn how to say and form some of our sounds. Here we are practising the correct formation of the letter a on white boards.
We are learning how to hold a pencil correctly and where to start and end our letters.
We also get to make something starting with each sound, this is an apple finger puppet for the sound a. Isn't the colouring in and cutting beautiful.
We particularly enjoy it when it is Cherry's turn to use the I pads. We are playing some Maths games and using some drawing apps.
We also love being outside, here we are playing in the water tray, trying to move the water in different ways around it.
Here we are having great fun in the sand tray filling up different containers. We love it but Miss Nash gets a bit sad when all the sand ends up on the floor!
We also love playing with the play dough which develops the muscles in our hands as well as being great to make different shapes from.
We really, really love our new climbing frame which was very kindly bought for us by the PTA.
We have been developing our fine motor skills by drawing pictures on the floor outside. They are very colourful.
Mrs Hardy teaches us music in the music hut. Our favourite song is called 'The big, red combine harvester which has lots of actions.
Here we are doing the actions. 

Being at school is fun!