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St. Francis' Catholic Primary School

"For it is in giving that we receive." St. Francis of Assisi

Our last few weeks in Cherry Class.

July 2018

This term we have been learning about space. As part of this topic we read the stories 'Aliens love Underpants!'. This led to some art work based around this story.

Here a work experience student is helping us to make flying saucers. We made them from paper plates and cups.
Our finished space craft were very colourful and glittery.
Here we are printing to make a space picture that included planets, stars and comets.
Our finished pictures were amazing with lots of colourful planets.
We had great fun with Mrs A. as she painted our hands and feet. We then put our hands and feet on some paper.
We then turned the hand and footprints into aliens by adding eyes, by drawing shapes and by adding glitter.
Here we are making a porthole for a spaceship. We used paper plates, foil, paint and card to make them.
The portholes look out onto space, but what is looking in through the windows?!
We also had our last Forest School Session. There were lots of butterflies in the long grass.
We again went minibeast hunting. Look at what we found.
We found butterflies...
and worms.
We worked as a team to build a nest for an ostrich. We used twigs, logs, leaves, grass and feathers.
Some of us worked alone to make a nest, we all concentrated on this task for a long time, problem solving as we went along.
Some of us decided to make music with natural materials, here with stones.
And here with twigs.
Some of us relaxed in a den which we had spent the last few weeks building.
One of our mum's decided that our den might be better with a roof. So we made a roof using twigs and grass. Then we bravely stood beneath it as water was poured on it. Did we get wet? Maybe just a little!
We also had fun with making mud thick enough to mould with. We made an alien together and worked well as a team.
One of the horses came to watch what we were doing.
At the end of Forest School we lay down at Base Camp and listened to the world. We heard birds singing, the breeze in the trees and insects buzzing around. It was very peaceful and calm.
And then it was Sport's day, we were very excited.
We took part in running races.
Many members of our families came to watch us.
We had great fun in the sack race. Thank you to Mrs Soares who helped us in the races.
After the races we had a throwing competition, we had to try and throw the beanbag into a hoop.
It was a very hot day so the next race helped to cool us down.
We had to pass a wet sponge over our heads to the back of the line where we squeezed the sponge into a bucket. The winning team was the one who had the most water in the bucket at the end.
The next activity was a competition to see who could throw a Wellington boot the furthest.
Finally we had to use a hockey stick to guide a ball around an obstacle track. The team who won was the one who got all their team mates back to the start the quickest. Miss Nash was happy as she is in Blue team and Blue team won!
In the afternoon we took part in a relay race.
We all had a wonderful day, Miss Nash and Mr Stevens were very impressed at how well behaved we were.
And so we have reached the end of our Reception year. We have made good friends, learnt a lot and had lots of fun. Miss Nash and Mrs Turner have thoroughly enjoyed teaching you, you have all been delightful and are all stars in our eyes. Enjoy the summer holidays, have fun, be good and keep smiling.

Finally, Miss Nash would like to say thank you to all the parent's who have helped this year. Thank you to those who have come to read, those who have helped in Forest School and those who came on the school trip. Your help and support are very much appreciated. Your children are a credit to you all, remember that during the long summer holiday!