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St. Francis' Catholic Primary School

"For it is in giving that we receive." St. Francis of Assisi

Maths Week and Outdoor Learning Day

Week beginning 11th June 2018

Last week we had Maths week. In class we were learning about measure and went outside to experiment with different ways to measure.

We had lots of different activities to go around and complete. In this one we had three different paths, a straight one, a curvy one and a zig zag path. We had to use the feet to find out which path was the longest.
In this activity we had to roll different cars down a ramp and use teddy bears to measure which one went the furthest.
We worked as a team to measure how far the cars went.
On the junior play ground we had to draw the biggest/tallest alien that we could with chalk. One of the girls in our class drew an alien that was as big as the playground!
Our aliens were amazing and very, very tall!!! We had great fun drawing them.
Another activity that we had to do, was to  make a tower from Duplo as tall as one of our group. We were counting to very big numbers to measure how tall they were.
Again we worked as a team to build the tower and then count the bricks carefully.
On the playground there was a very long piece of paper, our challenge was to draw a line as long as we could without taking our pencil off of the paper.
We then measured the lines that we had drawn with either straws, camels or cubes.
In this activity we had to each take off a shoe and put them in order of size, we then drew around our shoes and wrote our names inside.
The last activity was to order the cars in our toy box and put them in a line in order of size, didn't we do well.
During outdoor learning day we danced around the maypole. First of all we had to take a coloured ribbon, put the loop at the end of the ribbon in our left hand and hold the ribbon up with our right hand.
We were very good at listening to instructions and doing what we were told.
Mrs Turner was our Maypole Queen and she showed us how to skip around the Maypole in a clockwise direction. We then skipped around to some music, we were very good as none of our ribbons got tangled.
We were then given a number either one or two. The number ones stayed on the outside of the circle and the number twos had to walk into the middle.
The number ones had to skip around clockwise and the number twos had to skip around anticlockwise.
When we stopped we looked at what had happened to the maypole, we had woven a pattern at the top.
At the end we all took a bow, we were so good the lady said that she had only managed to get one other Reception class to weave the maypole properly, and she visits many schools. She was very impressed with Cherry class and so was Miss Nash and Mrs Turner. Where was Miss Nash? She was hiding behind the camera!