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St. Francis' Catholic Primary School

"For it is in giving that we receive." St. Francis of Assisi

Fun day out at Ladyland Farm

Tuesday 15th May 2018

Cherry class were very excited about our trip to the farm. They were amazed at how big the coach was that was taking us there.

We all got our seatbelts on and there were huge smiles as the coach set off.

Before long we arrived at the farm and were met by our farmer. She was very nice.

The first thing that we did was to go and sit in the cow shed, where our farmer explained to us all about the importance of milk and other products which come from a farm.
Next, one of us got chosen by the farmer to mix up some milk for the calves.
We then had lots of fun feeding the calves.
The calves were very greedy and finished their milk extremely quickly.
After we had finished feeding them we then got chance to stroke the cows, they were very funny as they tried to lick us! Luckily outside there was a bucket of disinfectant so that we could clean our hands.
Then we went into another barn where there were some goats and their kids.
Our mums held the kids for us and we got to stroke them.
Next to the goats were some hutches and inside there were some 3 week old rabbit kits.
We got to stroke them or hold them if we wanted too, they were very cute.
We then went outside as the farmer fed 2 piglets, they made grunting and snorting noises as they ate their food.
Following this we went over to a field full of goats where we got a chance to feed them. We had to hold the food flat on our hands and they ate from them, it tickled which made some of us laugh.
They were very friendly goats and let some of us give them a cuddle.
The farmer then took us across to some chicken coops where we all pretended to be chickens and lay an egg. Even our mums joined in!
There were some chicks that had hatched a few days ago and we were allowed to hold them.
We had to be very gentle and careful when we held the chicks as they were so small and fragile.
We then went to look at some barn owls, they were hiding in the top corner of this barn. One of us had to pretend to be an owl and chase two others who were pretending to be a rabbit and a chick.
The owls were one of our favourite things on the trip because when we sang them a song they danced!
The farmer took us to the old farmhouse next, it has been here for over three hundred years.
We investigated the different fruit and vegetables that were growing in the garden, there were strawberries, peppers, tomatoes and lettuce.
Next to the farmhouse garden was another field full of sheep. We were allowed to feed them too. They had just had their fleece sheered so they were nice and cool in the sunshine.
Finally we got to go on a tractor ride. It was great fun but very bumpy!
After a very busy morning we got to eat our lunch.
Once we were finished we got time to play in a field, some of us enjoyed climbing on these straw bales.
Some of us played on the old tractors.
And some of us made a nest from grass and twigs.
We all had a fabulous time and learnt lots about how things grow.
Thank you to all the mums who came to help us, you made our day one to remember especially on this tractor ride!!!