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St. Francis' Catholic Primary School

"For it is in giving that we receive." St. Francis of Assisi

Science Week Fun!

Week beginning 12th March 2018


Last week we had lots of fun completing lots of science experiments. We read the story 'The Room on the Broom,' and so we made lots of different potions.

For our first potion we had to pour some washing up liquid into a jug.
The washing up liquid smelt nice.
We then had to add vinegar and give the mixture a stir. The potion now smelt awful, one of the class said that it smelt like a frog's burp!!
Finally we added bicarbonate of soda and that is when the magic happened. The potion bubbled and fizzed and grew. It was amazing.
Next we made a potion in a cauldron, we found different objects to put into it like a pine cone, a pebble a shell... We gave it a stir and the waved our magic wands and said a magic spell like ziggaty, zaggerty, zoom! We made good witches and wizards.
Afterwards, we drew pictures of what we put into our potion and labelled them.
We then made a potion using ice. The ice felt, cold, wet, slippery, hard and smooth. We put vinegar on top of the ice and then added bicarbonate of soda.
The ice became fizzy, there were lots of bubbles and when we listened to our potion it was fizzing and popping.
We also played lots of science games on the computer. This one was about the forces of push and pull.
In our outside area we made our own potions and made up our own magic spells.
Miss Nash filled a tray outside with cornflour and ice. The ice started to melt and when the water mixed with the flour it became slimy. It was a very strange mixture one minute it was a liquid and then it became solid like clay.

On Thursday we went into the school hall to find out what the rest of the school had done during science week.

We had great fun seeing what everyone had done, the year five children explained to us what was happening on each table. 
We had a fun filled and exciting week.