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St. Francis' Catholic Primary School

"For it is in giving that we receive." St. Francis of Assisi

Bockett's Farm

Reception visited Bockett's Farm in May. We had such a fun day and we got to do lots of different activities. We were very excited to get on a big coach and travel on the busy motorway to get to the farm. When we arrived we were welcomed by two ladies who showed us to our 'barn' for the day. 


First we went on a tractor ride. We were fascinated with how big the wheels were! It was a bumpy ride, so we had to hold on tight. On the tractor ride we learnt about different animals and their babies. We saw cows, sheep, shetland ponies and some sleeping pigs.





Next we were taken to a fruit and vegetable garden. We were allowed to explore and find different fruit and vegetables and tell the adults what we had found. We found onions, cabbages, carrots, peas and many other things that were growing. Some of the vegetables were hard to see as they were still in the ground. 





After that we went to see some goats in the field. There were big ones and small ones. We were allowed to feed the goats but we had to be careful. We were told to hold our hand flat and put the food on our palm. It made us laugh because the goat was licking our hands! Once we had fed the goats we had to go and wash our hands as they were dirty. 




After that we were allowed to stroke the Shetland ponies. We weren't allowed to feed them though!


Next we went inside to the animal handling area. We listened to a lady talk about the smaller animals and then we were asked if we wanted to stroke the animals. Most of us stroked a rabbit, a guinea pig and a mouse! We had to be very gentle as they were only small. 


Then the lady went to get a goat. We watched her milk the goat and passed the jug of milk around to feel the temperature. We were very surprised that the milk was warm and not cold. We then got to stroke the goat if we wanted to. 


Finally it was time for lunch! We were very hungry and we were looking forward to seeing what was in our school packed lunch. We sat and ate our lunch in the barn. 

After lunch we went to watch the pig race! We enjoyed cheering on the pigs as they raced around the track. Orange pig won!! 

Once the pig race was finished, it was free time! We decided to have a go on the jumping pillows first. They were very bouncy and we enjoyed jumping as high as we could. It got very hot so we couldn't stay on them for too long. 

Then we found a huge slide! It was called the Monkey Slide. Some of us went down the tallest slide and went really fast. One of the slides was dark, but we weren't scared! 

Some of us enjoyed playing in the sandpit with our friends. We took our shoes off so we didn't get sand in them. 


Before we went home we went inside to the soft play area. We loved climbing and balancing, but our favourite part was going down the huge, rainbow slide! Miss Denny had a go too. 

We had such a fun day at the farm and loved learning about different animals and how to look after them. On the way home some of us fell asleep as we were so tired from all the fun!


Miss Denny would like to say a big thank you to all the parents that came along to help us on the farm trip, we really loved having you there. Also, a big thank you to all of Apple Class for being so well behaved and listening to instructions all day.