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St. Francis' Catholic Primary School

"For it is in giving that we receive." St. Francis of Assisi

Christmas in Apple Class

Christmas is lots of fun at school, especially if you’re in Reception. In Maths we were counting snow outside into Christmas cups. We had to find the right amount for what number was on the bottom of the cup  


We also used numicon to make Santa’s sleigh and his reindeers. We had to think carefully about what numicon numbers to use to fit in the correct place . 
We enjoyed making paper chains to decorate the classroom. Miss Denny was very impressed with how long we made it and that we used good team work. 

Chloe and her sister showed us their wasps nest. They told us facts they knew about it, we were fascinated!  

Miss Denny gave us a big box and asked us to turn it into a puppet theatre. Once we had painted it we used it to act out the story of The Nativity. We loved getting messy with paint! 

We created our own stable and used stick puppets to retell the story. One of us was the narrator whilst the rest of us acted it out together. We remembered the story in the correct order really well! 
We enjoyed making snowmen out of 2D shapes. We used different sized circles for the body. 

We got to have Christmas jumper day. We all wore Christmas jumpers with different pictures on them, some of us had matching ones with our friends. We also got to eat a yummy Christmas dinner, it was delicious. Our favourite part was pulling our crackers, telling our jokes and getting a surprise inside. 

We had a cheeky elf visit the classroom. He hid lots of letters around the room. Our challenge was to find all the missing letters and write them down. We got bonus points if we could then make words from the letters we found. We had lots of fun and some of us worked in a team. 
We loved eating our lunch in the classroom, it was a real treat. We loved our sandwiches and juice! 
On the last week of term we had a Christmas party. We played lots of games including musical chairs, it was lots of fun. 
We worked really hard on our Christingle service. We learnt our lines with the help of our families and learnt lots of songs. We did a great job and our parents loved it! We really enjoyed it! Miss Denny and Mrs Turner were very impressed with how well we did. 

We we have had a great time at Christmas in Apple Class and we are looking forward to lots more learning and fun in 2019!