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St. Francis' Catholic Primary School

"For it is in giving that we receive." St. Francis of Assisi

Forest School Fun

1st May 2018

Apple class had their first session at Forest School on Tuesday. Luckily the rain had moved on so we were mostly dry.

At first we walked to the back of the school field and sat in a circle at base camp.
We had to listen to Miss Nash as she told us the rules such as not picking living things, not putting anything in our mouths and not running.
We then went for a walk around our Forest school so that we knew where we could and could not go.
We walked into the woods and talked about why we need to take care of the trees, they help us to breathe!
Next Miss Nash told us to go and find a treasure. We went to find things that we liked, like a long stick...
A curly stick ...
As well as rocks, leaves and bark.
Next we sat at base camp and told each other what our treasure was and why we had chosen it.
Finally we were allowed time for free play, look at the huge log I found.
Some of us had a great time digging the soil.
Some of us enjoyed rolling down the hill.
Others enjoyed exploring the woods.
There were lots of great mounds of earth in the wood.
We enjoyed climbing on and off of them.
We found a huge branch and learnt how to work as a team to carry it safely.
We used our imagination and natural materials to begin to build a castle.
We stacked up lots of twigs and branches to build it.
Some of us found a worm while we were digging, we were very careful when we were looking at it and put it back where we found it.

We had a lovely time and worked well together. Mrs Wheeler came to see us at the end and we told her all the fun things that we had been up to.

Thank you to all the mum's who came to help, Miss Nash really appreciated it.