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St. Francis' Catholic Primary School

"For it is in giving that we receive." St. Francis of Assisi

Outdoor Learning Fun - Forest School Day!

18th May 2017

Cedar, joined together with Rowan class, for our first adventure at Forest School. We went to the back of the school field and sat at our base camp, Miss Nash went through the rules with us and then we sat silently for a minute and listened to the world. We heard lots on different bird songs which we decided were beautiful. We then had an opoortunity to explore the site ourselves, we were provided with magnifying beakers and paint brushes so that we could gently pick up any minibeasts which we found.

We collected lots of different minibeasts, woodlice, beetles, ants, slugs, worms, ear wigs and many more. Once we had finished looking at them we put them back gently where we found them.
Lots of us also decided to make some bug hotels, we looked around for material we could use to build them. One of the rules of Forest School is not to pick anything which is alive, so we had to find things from the ground which we could use
We also had lots of fun digging, to find minibeasts but to also build sculptures with the soil.
Some of us mixed water with the soil to make mud, we then used this to make a mud castle together.
We concentrated for a long time to make our mud castles, we worked well as a team and solved problems together without any adult help!
We had great fun using mud to make different creations. At the end of Forest School we had to dismantle our sculptures and return the site to what it looked like before we arrived.
Some of us explored the Forest School area together, chatting and looking at what others had made. These two found some twigs to use as walking sticks. I think one of them might have been a little too small!
Lots of us also made characters from the twigs and fallen leaves and grass. These girls have made some stick people and have taken them on an adventure around the site, telling each other a story they were making up as they went.

We had a great morning, we used our imagination, worked collaboratively, maintained concentration on our tasks, found out where minibeasts live and that there are lots of different and interesting bugs all around, told stories and were creative making bug hotels and mud castles. Our teachers were all very proud of how we worked together, how sensible we were and were impressed by our creativity.