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St. Francis' Catholic Primary School

"For it is in giving that we receive." St. Francis of Assisi

Learning about the Mass

Tuesday 7th March

In our RE lessons this half term we have been learning about the different parts of the Mass. We have learnt some of the prayers and responses and also why we do certain actions at certain times in the service.

Today we were learning about the Communion Rite, we role played being the priest and Eucharistic Minister.
We began the Communion Rite by saying the Our Father together.
We then gave each other the sign of peace.
Our pretend priest then held up the bread to bless it.
Finally, we practised going up for communion. We used pitta bread as our host.
We practised how we should hold our hands during communion, that we need to step to one side, put the host in our mouths and do the sign of the cross before returning to our seats.
Our role play priest, who did a fabulous job, then gave us a final blessing.

We all enjoyed this role play and were very sensible and reverent throughout.