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St. Francis' Catholic Primary School

"For it is in giving that we receive." St. Francis of Assisi

Snow Queen Fun!

16th January 2017

This morning Cedar class watched a performance of the Snow Queen, written by Hans Christian Anderson, with the rest of the juniors. We really enjoyed the performance and thought that the actors were very clever as they had lots of different roles to play. When we went back to class we had a go at writing the story.

We were given pictures of the different parts of the story and had to use these to retell it.
We read our stories to our partners and they had to check that we had retold the story correctly, punctuated it well, made sure we had used 'wow' vocabulary and discovered if we had managed to include a simile.
When we had completed our stories and checked them we were able to colour in the pictures neatly.
After this we found out about Hans Christian Anderson, who wrote the Snow Queen story. We found out that he came from Denmark;  that he travelled around Europe listening to traditional tales from different countries and that these tales influenced his stories.
We used an atlas to find Denmark and the counties Hans Christian Anderson visited, we then used this information to fill in a map of Europe to show his journey.
Miss Nash set us a challenge to find the capital cities of all the countries Hans visited and put them on our map.
Finally we folded some paper carefully and cut a symmetrical pattern into the folds to create these beautiful snowflakes. We found the cutting difficult but we persevered and were very happy with what we had created.  It has been a fun filled day based around the Snow Queen story.