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St. Francis' Catholic Primary School

"For it is in giving that we receive." St. Francis of Assisi

A terrific trip to the Science Museum!

Tuesday 8th November

On Tuesday Cedar and Rowan class visited the Science Museum. We had a great day. Firstly we went to look around the space exhibition and saw the moon lander and a giant rocket which was suspended from the ceiling.

The space section was very dark, but the moon lander was very shiny.

Then we went to an area where there were lots of computers.

We had to use the computers to solve problems and find ways in which we could save energy.

We then had our lunch and afterwards got ready to go to see a show about forces.

Here we are waiting to go into the show.
Just behind us is a giant plane suspended from the ceiling.
There were also lots of cars, piled up one wall. There was lots for us to see.
The show was all about Sir Isaac Newton's theories of force and motion, the presenter did lots of experiments to show how these theories work.
Two of us got to help the presenter out with the experiments.

We had great fun learning about the forces of gravity, friction, air resistance and magnetism. The presenter was very funny and the experiments were great fun to watch.

A great day was had by all!