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St. Francis' Catholic Primary School

"For it is in giving that we receive." St. Francis of Assisi

Forest School Fun

Thursday 13th July

Today, Rowan and Cedar classes had Forest school. We had 6 different problem solving activities to complete. We had to work as a team, listen to each others ideas and help each other to complete the tasks.

The first activity was to complete a structure that would hold a very heavy stone.
We could use sticks, stones and anything else that we could find in the environment. We also had some string to hold things together. We had to complete this without any adult help!!!
The second task was to get a bucket of balls and empty them into the blue tray. Easy you might think!
However, we were not allowed to enter the circle of cones or touch the bucket with our hands. All we could use was the ropes. Amazingly, we were brilliant at this activity and all worked well as a team.
The third activity was to get a hoop around the circle without letting go of each others hands.
We had to complete this first with a large hoop and then again with a much smaller one.
We then had to join hands with people opposite us in the circle and we then had to find a way to untangle ourselves without letting go of each others hands.
Not quite there yet but very close.
The fourth activity was to make an altar, using natural things found in the environment, that would make our candle, Bible and statue look prayerful and beautiful.
We made stunning altars and took care to make them a worthy place to pray to God.
The fifth activity was to work in partners to complete an obstacle course.
The problem was that one of us was blindfolded and the one who could see had to give instructions verbally to get the blindfolded child across the course safely.
The last task was to cross the sea on a raft (mat).
One of us was blindfolded, we had two mats which we could move on to, however if we stepped into the sea (the grass) we had to go back to the beginning.
Whilst crossing the sea we had to look after our blindfolded team member as well as avoid the sharks (cones) and icebergs (trays).
We all had a great time completing these team building exercises. We worked really well together and learnt to listen to others ideas, to work together to solve a problem, to persevere if at first we didn't succeed and to trust and listen to each other.

Well done Year 3, you were all amazing.