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St. Francis' Catholic Primary School

"For it is in giving that we receive." St. Francis of Assisi

Scrumptious Sandwiches!

Tuesday 11th July

As part of our Year 3 Design Technology project we had to design and make a healthy sandwich. Firstly, we talked about what foods could go into making a healthy sandwich and how bread is made. 

Next we got to try lots of different types of bread.
We tried white, seeded, wholemeal bread as well as bagels, pitta and tortilla wraps. We then had to write down what the texture, smell, look and taste was like and give each bread a score out of 20.
We then got to try lots of different fillings such as ham, salami, tuna, cheese, carrot, lettuce, cucumber and tomato.
Again we had to write about which fillings we liked and why. After this we had to plan our healthy sandwich thinking about which bread we wanted and which fillings. We had to consider how to make our sandwich a healthy one.
On Tuesday we began the day by writing down the instructions to make our sandwich, thinking about hygiene, safety and the steps we needed to take to end up with a finished product.
We then got to make our sandwiches with a little help from Mrs Day! We had to follow our instructions and work carefully.
We also had to look at food packaging for sandwiches, we looked closely at the labelling, the ingredients, storage instructions, allergy advice and nutrition values. We then got a chance to design our own packaging for our sandwich.
Finally, Miss Nash let us eat our sandwiches, they were all delicious!! Afterwards we had to evalute our product, what we liked about it and what we would change if we had to make the sandwich again. We had a fun two days working hard to design, make and then eat our sandwich.